One Terrible Day (1922)

One Terrible Day poster

Hal Roach Studios
 Ernest Morrison, Mickey Daniels, Jackie Condon
Directed by: Robert F. McGowan, Tom McNamara

Synopsis: A society matron wants to get her name and picture in the society pages and decides to host a picnic for children, not counting on the fact that the rambunctuous gang of kids may be too much for her and her staff to handle.

Kitty Cameo: At the beginning of the film the woman, whose name is Mrs. Pennington Van Renssalaer, is sitting in her room when the reporter, Caroline Culpepper, comes to call.  Ms. Culpepper is also an older woman and she enters the room carrying a white Persian cat.  Ms. Culpepper takes a seat and sets the cat down on a cushion on the floor beside her.

Our Gang - One Terrible Day - woman society reporter with white Persian cat

A moment later the cat steps off the cushion and walks away.

Our Gang - One Terrible Day - white Persian cat steps off cushion

Mrs. Van Renssalaer happens to own a monkey, and the cat is next seen sitting at the top of a high arched window valance.  The monkey starts to climb up after it.

Our Gang - One Terrible Day - white Persian cat on window valance with monkey climbing up

When the reporter realizes her cat is missing she and Mrs. Van Renssalaer spot the monkey pulling on the cat’s tail.

Our Gang - One Terrible Day - monkey pulling white Persian cat's tail on window valance

The matron calls in her maid, who enters just as the cat either jumps or is pushed off the valance.  The cat hits the dressing table and knocks a can of cold cream into the maid’s face.  The reporter happily gathers up her cat before leaving.  The cat is not seen again throughout the short.

Our Gang - One Terrible Day - woman society reporter picks up white Persian cat

Final Mewsings: Cats know that an outting with little children, a dog and a monkey is anything but a picnic!

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