Cat’s Meow (2009)

Ringling College of Art and Design
Directed by:
 Jorge “Jay” Garcia

Synopsis: A man interrupts his pet cat’s nap inside his cap so he can put it on and leave the house.  Easier said than done!

Cartoon Cat: This very cute animated short was the college project of animator Jorge Garcia.  Mewsette is an adorable small black kitty with a huge personality.  Her owner, Kent, just wants to put on his cap and leave the house.  But Kent’s cap happens to be Mewsette’s bed!

The Cat's Meow - Mewsette Cat leaning upon door

The film plays out as a showdown between the two.  Short and sweet, this is a really fun film!

The Cat's Meow - Mewsette Cat and her owner Nick

Final Mewsings: When a cat wants your hat, that’s that!

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