Cat’s Accessories (1965)

British Pathé

Synopsis: Mrs. Dorothy Soapstone’s cat’s accessories shop in Bedford, Bedfordshire, is showcased in this newsreel where every kind of cat collectible imaginable is featured.

Reality Cats: While this store appears to be every cat lover’s dream the cats don’t seem quite as enthusiastic about it.  First a Siamese cat is fitted with a walking collar and harness.

Cat's Accessories - Siamese cat being fitted with harness and collar

Next a shorthaired tabby is subjected to wearing a bright red woolly sweater.  Amazingly during this segment the narrator explains that one can buy vitamized chocolate drops for your cat!  Pretty scary!

Cat's Accessories - shorthaired tabby

Cat's Accessories - shorthaired tabby being fitted with sweater

Two kittens are then seen playing with a pipe cleaner spider.

Cat's Accessories - kittens playing with pipe cleaner spider

The family of cats definitely enjoy the house (they would, considering it’s just a cardboard box!) and the scratching post.

Cat's Accessories - kitten inside cardboard box house

Finally a cat electric blanket is shown.  Let’s just hope they don’t decide to knead it!

Cat's Accessories - cat inside electric blanket

Final Mewsings: This store seems to cater a little more to cat owners than to the cats themselves.

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