Young Sherlocks (1922)

The Teams: Our Gang DVD

Hal Roach Studios
 Ernest Morrison, Jackie Condon, Peggy Cartwright
Directed by: Robert F. McGowan, Tom McNamara

Synopsis: While out prospecting (mostly for food, it would seem) Ernie comes across a club called the J.J.J. who ask about his bravery.  He tells a fabulous tale about rescuing a rich little girl from kidnappers.

Kitty Cameo: At the beginning of the film Ernie is out with his little sister and a mule. They realize they are hungry and wonder what to do about food.  Ernie spots a cat nearby which starts to drink from a saucer of milk outside a home.

Our Gang - Young Sherlocks cat drinking milk from saucer wide shot

Unfortunately before Ernie can get to the milk, Buster the dog chases the cat away and then calls his puppies, who make short work of the milk and leave none for the hungry children.

Our Gang - Young Sherlocks cat drinking milk from saucer

Final Mewsings: Can’t a cat eat in peace?

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