I Don’t Scare (1956)

Popeye cartoons DVD

Famous Studios
 Jack Mercer, Jackson Beck, Mae Questel
Directed by: I. Sparber

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Popeye (voiced by Jack Mercer) and Bluto (voiced by Jackson Beck) battle over the right to date Olive Oyl (voiced by Mae Questel) once again.  This time a jealous Bluto plays upon Olive’s superstitious nature to try to ruin her date with Popeye.

Cartoon Kitty: When Olive is already worked up about it supposedly being Friday the 13th and Popeye opening an umbrella in the house (which Bluto managed to stick into a light socket), Bluto opens the front door and drops a black cat inside Olive’s house.

I Don't Scare  - Bluto drops black cat in Olive's house

When Olive sees the cat she freaks out, running up the wall and across the ceiling to a hanging lamp where she clings in fear, begging Popeye not to let the cat cross her path.

I Don't Scare  - Olive spots black cat in her house

Popeye cradles the cat in his arms and tries to assure Olive it’s just a harmless kitty that wants to be friends.

I Don't Scare  - Popeye holds black cat and tries to reassure Olive

At this point the cat spots a fishbowl across the room.

I Don't Scare  - black cat spots goldfish bowl across the room

It jumps up and using Popeye’s face as a launching and scratching pad, the cat runs at the fishbowl.

I Don't Scare  - black cat launches itself from Popeye's face

Popeye heads off the cat and grabs the table with the fishbowl, pulling it up out of the way of the pouncing feline.  Unfortunately the bowl flies across the room and lands on Olive’s head, knocking her from the lamp and into a nearby vase.

I Don't Scare  - Popeye pulls the table with the fishbowl away from black cat's pounce

Popeye places the cat outside, telling it that the fish market is two blocks down and turn to the right.

I Don't Scare  - Popeye places black cat back outside

Final Mewsings: It’s bad luck for black cats to have superstitious women cross their path.

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