What a Wonderful World It Would Be (1965)

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Synopsis: In this film produced by Chevrolet, Bill Ryan is an assembly-line worker who lets the quality of his work slip while having a bad day.  He later learns that quality of work matters when his son is injured in an accident.

Purr Blur: Bill’s son stops at a building demolition site with his dog to watch.  A cat runs into the building and the dog chases after him.  The boy runs after the dog and finally two construction workers run in after the boy.  The boy suffers a serious head injury but when he recovers he asks if his dog is okay. Bill assures him the dog is fine, as well as the cat!

What a Wonderful World it Would Be - cat running into building being demolished

Final Mewsings: It was nice of Chevrolet to let us know the cat survived as well!

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