Alfred Hitchcock Presents – “Toby”

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Season 2 DVD

Original Air Date: November 4, 1956
Starring: Alfred Hitchcock, Jessica Tandy, Robert H. Harris
Directed by: Robert Stevens

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains a MAJOR spoiler for this episode!

Synopsis: The scene is New York in 1910 and Albert Birch (Robert H. Harris) welcomes his former love Edwina (Jessica Tandy) back into his life after a long absence.  Only she arrives carrying a bundled baby and a strange attitude.

Kitty Cameo: We’ll warn once again that this review is a major spoiler for this episode, so reader beware!

Throughout the episode the bundled baby, whose name is Toby, is not seen by anyone but Edwina and she adamantly insists no one else go near the baby but herself.  She takes Toby bottles of milk but the child never seems to cry despite supposedly being sick.  At the end of the episode some men arrive from the sanitarium to take Edwina away.  She leaves Toby with Albert and he finally goes into the room to see the child for himself.  Only there is no baby, just a black cat!

Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Toby cat lying down

The black cat is wearing a collar with a tag that reads “Toby.”

Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Toby cat sitting up

Of course this is when Albert realizes that his former love has been completely out of her mind the whole time.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Albert looking at cat's collar

Final Mewsings: Leave it to Hitchcock to put the crazy into cat lady!

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