Buried Treasure (1926)

Our Gang Silent Shorts DVD

Hal Roach Studios
 Allen ‘Farina’ Hoskins, Joe Cobb, Mickey Daniels
Directed by: Robert F. McGowan

Synopsis: The gang decide to go looking for buried treasure after reading the book Treasure Island.  Little do they realize that their paddlewheel boat has delivered them to Catalina where a film crew is making a movie.

Kitty Cameos: Specks (Jay R. Smith) is the official fish catcher and ties a line onto their dog’s tail which he lets down into the water off the pier.  The dog is supposed to bark when he feels something tugging at the end of the line.  After a false alarm, the dog barks and Specks reels in . . . a black cat.

Our Gang - Buried Treasure black cat on fishing line

There is no caption card for this scene but we have to assume the joke is this was supposed to be a cat fish?

Our Gang - Buried Treasure black cat on fishing line close

Later when the gang sets sail in their boat they are gathered below for a meal of beans.  Two dogs are with them on the trip and one cat, which can be seen sitting next to the dog during this scene.  Everyone is shown eating, as are the dog and cat.

Our Gang - Buried Treasure cat and dog eating on boat

When everyone starts to feel seasick, this includes the cat and dog.  The dog is shown looking unsteady and the cat is seen licking its mouth strangely (they likely put something distasteful on the cat’s tongue to get it to make these faces.)

Our Gang - Buried Treasure cat feeling seasick

Final Mewsings: Who wouldn’t rather catch a cat than a fish?

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