The Big Shot (1937)

The Big Shot poster

RKO Radio Pictures
 Guy Kibbee, Cora Witherspoon, Dorothy Moore
Directed by: Edward Killy

Synopsis: Dr. Bertram Simms (Guy Kibbee) is a small town veterinarian whose family inherits the large estate of his uncle and move to the big city, little realizing that the uncle was the head of a large crime syndicate.

Purr Blurs: In the beginning of the film a small dog limps into Dr. Simm’s veterinarian clinic, followed a moment later by Chet (Gordon Jones), the boyfriend of Dr. Simms’ daughter.  As they talk we are shown a line of cages with animals inside and in the lower left corner is a cat.

The Big Shot - cat in cage in corner

Later when Dr. Simms and his family move into the big estate he secretly opens a practice in the pool house.  Just after his wife Elizabeth (Cora Witherspoon) finds this out, Dr. Simms and Chet have a talk and once again you can just barely see a cat in a cage in the background.

The Big Shot - cat in cage in background

Final Mewsings: Unfortunately cats play second fiddle to dogs and even a penguin in this film!

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