Going to Blazes! (1948)

Fact Film Organization
Directed by:
 Gunther V. Fritsch

Synopsis: On scene footage of the Los Angeles Fire Department battling several fires emphasize the cautionary tale this film puts forward in explaining the number of fires in the U.S. and the overall damage they cause.

Kitty Cameo: A section of the film explains about precautions which should be taken to avoid house fires.  A fireman is seen walking around a home taking note of the many hazards.  In the garage he finds an almost empty gasoline can and the narrator comments on how the fumes can accumulate.  The fireman notices a cat appearing from behind some boxes and scurrying across the floor as the narrator explains even a spark from the cat’s fur could set off gasoline fumes.

Going to Blazes - cat running through garage

Final Mewsings: Only cats can prevent gasoline fires!

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