Cat Nap Pluto (1948)

Cat Nap Pluto poster

Walt Disney Productions
Directed by:
 Charles Nichols

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Figaro the kitten awakens one morning full of spit and fire and ready to play with his pal Pluto.  Unfortunately Pluto is rolling in from a very long night and wants only to sleep.

Cinema Cat: Figaro first appeared in the full length animated film Pinocchio and was so popular he ended up starring in several short films, often with his more famous co-star Pluto.

Cat Nap Pluto - Figaro wakes up

This short is fun in that Figaro wakes up feisty and in the mood to scrap with his pal.  He’s confused to find that Pluto is not in his bed.

Cat Nap Pluto - Figaro looking frustrated

When Pluto does manage to make it to his bed and fall asleep (with the help of his personal sandman) Figaro makes the mistake of grabbing onto his tail.

Cat Nap Pluto - Pluto chases Figaro hanging on to his tail

Pluto continually tries to go to sleep and Figaro keeps waking him up.  Pluto starts to get rough but Figaro knows how to protect himself!

Cat Nap Pluto - Figaro holds up claws as Pluto falls

Still there’s only so much a dog can take and Figaro might have been a goner if Pluto’s sandman hadn’t stepped in again.

Cat Nap Pluto - Figaro cornered by Pluto

In the end the fight is settled when Figaro’s sandman shows up and the friends end up napping together.

Cat Nap Pluto - Figaro and Pluto sleeping

Final Mewsings: Usually it’s the cat who wants to sleep all day!

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