The Family Chronicle (1961)

 Elena Ponsova, Grigory Yaron, Vladimir Shishkin
Directed by: Leonid Amalrik

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: An animated Russian short film in which a handsome male cat takes a beautiful bride and the couple are given a wonderful reception by their animal friends.  But their married bliss may be short-lived when they get into a fight about where to place their wedding photo.

Cartoon Cats: This was one of a series of fairy tales for adults.  This one has the very important moral that married couples should respect and trust each other.  The cats meet on a roof and are an adorable couple.

The Family Chronicle - cat couple fall in love

Their friends hold a raucous reception and one friend takes a wedding photo.  It is when the couple are home they have an argument about whether or not the photo should be placed on the buffet.

The Family Chronicle - cat couple fighting over photo

The fight leads to the husband sleeping on the floor.  When the wife awakens the next morning her husband is gone.  She suspects him of cheating on her with another cat on the roof so she goes to check.  When he comes home from mouse catching, he finds his wife gone and suspects her of cheating with someone on the roof.  They find each other on the roof and argue again.

The Family Chronicle - cat couple fighting on roof

Fortunately things eventually get worked out and the cats then get down to the real business of married life, as is evident from the last scene.

The Family Chronicle - cat couple with kittens

Final Mewsings: Cat fights are particularly tough on feline marriages.

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