Girl Shy (1924)

Girl Shy poster

The Harold Lloyd Corporation
 Harold Lloyd, Jobyna Ralston, Richard Daniels
Directed by: Fred Newmeyer, Sam Taylor

Synopsis: Harold Meadows (Harold Lloyd) is a young man who works at his uncle’s tailor shop and is painfully shy around women.  This doesn’t prevent him from writing a how-to book on courting women which he hopes to have published, but will he be able to win the heart of the one woman who has stolen his?

Cat Burglars (Scene Stealers): Near the beginning of the film Harold is getting ready to leave the tailor shop for the evening.  He reaches for his coat on the rack only to find it has fallen to the floor where a mama tabby cat is using it as a bed to groom her kittens.

Girl Shy - Mama cat and kittens on coat

In true “Save the Cat” fashion, Harold’s kindness is shown when he simply reaches down and retrieves his key from the pocket, leaving the mama cat and kittens to enjoy the comfort of his coat.

Girl Shy - Harold reaches for key leaving Mama cat and kittens on coat

Final Mewsings: Real men are kind to kitties!

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