The Cat’s Out (1931)

Walt Disney Productions
Directed by:
 Wilfred Jackson

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: An early Walt Disney Silly Symphony.  A black and white cat is put out for the night and starts to carouse and get into mischief but an accident causes the cat to enter into a nightmare world where everything seems to be out to get him.

Cartoon Cat: Despite the fact that the poor cat is hounded and haunted (and even hurt) this is still an interesting little film for cat lovers, as the cat is so wonderfully brought to life by the Disney animators.

Disney Silly Symphony The Cat's Out - cat meowing at door

Once placed outside the cat begins yowling as only a cat can.  This leads to the inevitable boots being thrown and the cat falls into a washtub of water then shakes himself off.

Disney Silly Symphony The Cat's Out - cat wet after falling in washtub

The cat then stalks a mockingbird on a rooftop.  When the bird takes off mid-pounce the cat hangs on to the bird’s tailfeathers for dear life.  But the feathers fail and the cat falls, bringing down the weather vane with him.

Disney Silly Symphony The Cat's Out - cat stalking nightingale

The vane falls on the cat’s head, costing the cat all but one of his lives.  This is when the nightmare sequence starts and the cat finds himself accosted by a wide variety of creepy visions, such as giant versions of the mockingbird he accosted.

Disney Silly Symphony The Cat's Out - cat and nightmare birds

The cat is spooked by owls, sees dancing scarecrows, and even giant spiders and vicious trees.

Disney Silly Symphony The Cat's Out - cat being hit by trees

Finally the cat awakens with the dawn and hurries home where he is let inside, then promptly put back outside.

Disney Silly Symphony The Cat's Out - cat put back outside

Final Mewsings: This film makes a good argument for keeping your cats in at night.

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