Fear (1946)

Fear DVD

Monogram Pictures
 Peter Cookson, Warren William, Anne Gwynne
Directed by: Alfred Zeisler

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Medical student Larry Crain (Peter Cookson) finds himself in a financial crisis when his scholarship is suddenly cancelled and takes desperate measures to stay afloat, then is tormented by his actions.

Featured Feline: The plot takes shape around Professor Stanley (Francis Pierlot) who makes money on the side by acting as a pawnbroker to needy students.  When Larry visits the Professor he walks up to the third floor and a black cat is seen sitting at the top of the stairs on the landing outside the Professor’s apartment.  The first time the cat is just sitting there and Larry barely takes notice of it.

Fear - black cat sitting on landing

The second time when Larry returns with evil intentions, he stops before entering the Professor’s apartment.  The cat arches its back and hisses at him, as if interpreting the man’s thoughts.

Fear - black cat hissing

After Larry has killed the Professor, the police are on his trail.  Captain Burke (Warren William) even gets Larry in the Professor’s apartment and walks him through how he thinks the crime happened, right up to explaining how Larry hit the Professor with a fireplace poker.  As the Captain is talking, Larry retraces his steps behind the man’s back and is about to hit the Captain when the black cat, which somehow sneaked into the apartment, knocks over a plant, distracting Larry in the nick of time.

Fear - black cat knocks plant off table

Later as Larry is wandering the streets plagued by flashbacks of things that have happened in the film (via superimposed montage) the footage of the cat hissing is replayed.

Fear - black cat arched back in montage

Final Mewsings: Cats know when people are up to no good!

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