Orchard Street (1955)

Directed by: Ken Jacobs

Synopsis: A compilation of silent film clips showing the bustling commercial district on Orchard Street in Lower East Side New York.

Reality Cats: There are several cats seen throughout this 12 minute film.  Most of them appear to be feral street cats.  The first is a group of three cats shown at the end of a collection of shots of people eating.  A white cat picks up something in its mouth (it kind of looks like an orange) and carries it away while two tuxedo cats watch.

Orchard Street - one white and two tuxedo cats

There is a very quick shot of a sickly-looking stray at a point where the film seems to have been spliced, so the cat is only on screen for a mere second.

Orchard Street - sickly stray cat

Another cat is shown sitting on a board alongside a staircase and moves away from the camera before jumping down.

Orchard Street - cat beside staircase

Finally a black cat is seen running along a curb and then ducks beneath a car during a segment showing the street cleaners.

Orchard Street - black cat runs beneath parked cat

Final Mewsings: Cats are also a part of New York history.

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