Once Upon a Black Cat (2009)

Directed by: Yuri Marchenko

Synopsis: A black cat starts its day as any other . . . inadvertently crossing people’s paths. Everyone completely overreacts, leaving the poor cat to wish he had a few white spots in order to have a better life.

Cartoon Cat: This is a nicely animated short film from the Ukraine which features an adorable homeless black cat as its lead character.

Once Upon a Black Cat - sad cat

The story really spotlights people’s misconceptions about black cats.  There is an important underlying message here.

Once Upon a Black Cat - cat looking surprised

The ending is sweet, although it would have been nice if someone had simply loved the black cat for being the way he is.

Once Upon a Black Cat - black cat meets white cat

Final Mewsings: People need to get over their fear of black cats.  Seriously.

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