Scotty Finds a Home (1935)

Van Beuren Studios
Directed by:
 Burt Gillett

Synopsis: A kitten wants a dog but his grandmother says no, only she changes her mind when a vagabonds forces his way into the house.

Cartoon Kitties: This is one of those interesting mixes of anthropomorphic animals interacting with actual animals.  In this case the kitten and his grandmother are both more human than cats, which would explain why the little kitten wants a dog for a pet.

Scotty Finds a Home - boy kitten wants a dog

Sent outside to play, the kitten finds a Scotty dog being ridden by a frog and lassoes him.  He and the Scotty become fast friends and when the kitten learns the dog doesn’t have a home he asks him to come live with him.

Scotty Finds a Home - boy kitten meets Scotty dog

Unfortunately the dog tracks muddy pawprints into Grandma’s kitchen and that puts the kabosh on junior having a dog then and there.

Scotty Finds a Home - Scotty dog tracks muddy pawprints into Grandma Cat's home

A vagrant, who also happens to be a dog but an anthropomorphic one, shows up at the house.  Scotty tries to chase him away but is hung from a branch by the hobo, who then forces his way into the cat’s home and demands food.

Scotty Finds a Home - dog hobo threatens Grandma Cat and kitten

Fortunately Scotty gets loose and races into the house, eventually managing to chase away the bad guy.  Grandma Cat now welcomes Scotty with open arms.

Scotty Finds a Home - Scotty dog is welcomed into cat's home

Final Mewsings: Cats wanting to own dogs.  What’ll they think of next?

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