Finding Vivian Maier (2013)

Finding Vivian Maier DVD

Ravine Pictures
Directed by:
 John Maloof, Charlie Siskel

Synopsis: The fascinating story of nanny Vivian Maier whose photographs were uncovered after an auction purchase by John Maloof who then went on to piece together the story of this unknown artist and her mysterious life.

Reality Cats: In one segment the filmmakers travel to Minnesota to interview one of Vivian’s former charges, Inger Raymond, at her farm.  While at the farm several of her cats are seen in establishing shots.

Finding Vivian Maier - cats on Minnesota farm

Kitty Carnage Warning! Vivian seemed to be fascinated with the darker side of life and sometimes took photos that were disturbing.  A photo of a dead cat lying in a gutter can be briefly seen (we will spare you the screen grab).

Final Mewsings: The camera doesn’t lie and reality can be harsh.

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