Une vie de chat (2010)

Une vie de chat original poster

English Title: A Cat in Paris
 Dominique Blanc, Bernadette Lafont, Bruno Salomone
Directed by: Jean-Loup Felicioli, Alain Gagnol

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Zoé (voiced by Oriane Zani) is a troubled little girl who loves her pet cat Dino.  But Dino is leading a double-life; by day he’s an ordinary housecat while at night he’s the accomplice of a clever burglar named Nico (Bruno Salomone).

Cartoon Cat: This is a charming film from France which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.  The animators do a wonderful job of bringing Dino to life, giving him all of the mannerisms and expressions of a true cat.

A Cat in Paris - close up of Dino cat

Dino is fiercely loyal to his friends, including both the little girl and the burglar who will interact in each others’ lives more than they could imagine.

A Cat in Paris - Zoe and Dino cat

Dino is instrumental in bringing about the rescue of Zoé from her captors, the gang of the ruthless gangster Victor Costa (voiced by Jean Benguigui) who previously killed Zoé’s father.

A Cat in Paris - Dino cat falling towards Victor Costa

This is a thrilling tale terrific for cat lovers of all ages.

A Cat in Paris - Dino cat smells perfume

Final Mewsings: What does your cat get up to at night?

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