Cat and Cock Robin (1934)

British Pathé

Synopsis: Newsreel footage shows the continuing friendship between Puffy the cat and Cock Robin, a rescued injured bird one year later.

Reality Cat: It’s a year after the newsreel spotlight first showcased Puffy the Cat and Cock Robin and the cameras return to prove that the cat and bird are still best friends.

Cat and Cock Robin! - newsreel of Puffy the cat and injured bird one year later

Cock Robin is shown hopping all around Puffy while the cat takes half-hearted swipes at the bird.

Cat and Cock Robin! - Puffy the cat and injured bird close

It’s little wonder that Puffy takes swipes at Cock Robin since the bird seems to be constantly annoying him.

Cat and Cock Robin! - Puffy the cat lifts paw to swipe at Cock Robin

Final Mewsings: We wonder if their friendship lasted one year and a day?

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