More Kittens (1936)

Walt Disney Productions
Directed by:
 David Hand, Wilfred Jackson

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: A Disney Technicolor Silly Symphony and sequel to Three Orphan Kittens.  Having been chased from the house by the nanny from the previous short, the kittens have adventures outdoors with a tolerant St. Bernard, a snapping turtle, a mischievous bird and some laundry.

Cartoon Kitties: The three kittens, one black, one orange and one gray, have a friend in the large St. Bernard who is laid back enough to tolerate their shenanigans.  When the St. Bernard drinks all of the milk from his bowl, the kittens lick his jowls to get their share.

More Kittens - kittens licking St. Bernard

The kittens are quick to show their appreciation by rubbing up against him (or are they just marking their territory?)

More Kittens - kittens rubbing up against St. Bernard

Two of the kittens come up against a clever turtle.

More Kittens - kittens and turtle

The third kitten has troubles of his own, first with a pesky fly and then a smart aleck bird.

More Kittens - kitten with St. Bernard and bird

Eventually the kittens ruin the washing that is hanging up outside, bringing about the wrath of the housekeeper.  This animated short isn’t as masterfully drawn as the previous entry but still holds up as a cute, entertaining short.

More Kittens - kittens ruining laundry

Final Mewsings: Indoors or outdoors, kittens get into everything!

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