Comfort Me With Absinthe (2014)

Mr. Moonshine Music Video
Animated by:
 Justine Prebich
Directed by: Michelle Prebich

Synopsis: An animated music video for the Long Beach based indie rock band Mr. Moonshine.  A black cat happens upon people in a cafe sipping absinthe and is aware of the potent power that’s really behind the drink.

Cartoon Cat: We love independent film and independent musicians and the blending of the two, especially when a cat is featured, it’s a win-win.

Comfort Me with Absinthe - black cat

The animation style of this piece fits the song perfectly. We won’t spoil the story (although we should say a Kitty Carnage Warning would be in order) but encourage everyone to have a watch!

Comfort Me with Absinthe - black cat follows absinthe

Final Mewsings: Cats should remain tea totallers.

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