Apartment Zero (1988)

Apartment Zero poster

Producers Representative Organization
 Hart Bochner, Colin Firth, Dora Bryan
Directed by: Martin Donovan

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Adrian LeDuc (Colin Firth) is living alone after having to send his aging mother to a sanitarium.  He advertises for a roommate and decides on Jack Carney (Hart Bochner), a charismatic and enigmatic man.  The two form an immediate bond and the story slowly draws to a spiralling disastrous end when it is suspected that one of them is involved in a string of murders.

Kitty Cameo: Adrian is paranoid and wants nothing to do with his neighbors living in the same apartment building.  Jack, on the other hand, is very gregarious and makes friends with everyone.  Jack seals his trust amongst the tenants when he is on hand to rescue Mohammed, a black cat which has somehow perched himself in a crevice high above the foyer.

Apartment Zero - black cat stuck on ledge

Jack climbs a ladder to reach Mohammed and then stares at him to put the cat at his ease so he can be rescued.  Jack actually seems to seduce Mohammed to get his trust.

Apartment Zero - black cat close up

Apartment Zero - black cat being helped by Jack

The tennants are overjoyed at the rescue of Mohammed but Adrian is less than pleased.

Apartment Zero - black cat rescued by Jack

Final Mewsings: Want to win friends and influence people?  Rescue a cat!

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