The Disobedient Kitten (1953)

 G. Ivanova, Tatiana Barysheva, N. Chkausseli
Directed by: Mstislav Pashchenko

Synopsis: A mischievous kitten gets into trouble and leaves home to walk in the woods.  He encourages other woodland children to walk with him and they have a fun time playing until they get into trouble.

Cartoon Kitty: This is a very lovely short film from director Pashchenko who was noted for animating cute animals.  The kitten in the short is simply adorable and the trouble he causes is completely without malice . . . he’s just being a kitten.

The Disobedient Kitten - kitten hangs from clock

When the young rabbit, squirrel and hedgehog join the kitten on his walk, they are fun to watch.

The Disobedient Kitten - kitten leads other young animals on a walk

This is a wonderful example of Russian animation and well worth watching!

The Disobedient Kitten - kitten sits obediently on windowsill

Final Mewsings: Kittens may set bad examples but they’re awfully cute doing so!

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