Merry Kittens (1941)

Van Beuren Studios
Directed by:
 Shamus Culhane, Burt Gillett

Synopsis: Three kittens wake up in the morning and decide to spend their day teasing the family dog.

Cartoon Kitties: There really isn’t anything more to this animated short than the description above.  These musical kittens take great pleasure in teasing the dog, which is gullible enough to play right into their pranks.

Merry Kittens - kittens laugh at dog

Strangely enough the kittens act more human in the sense that they sleep in a bed (the dog sleeps on a mat on the floor) and speak English (the dog only barks.)

Merry Kittens - kittens in bed

In the end the kittens get a little taste of their own medicine (in the form of seltzer water) but there is no punishment for them and the dog even laughs with them in the end.

Merry Kittens - kittens full of seltzer

Final Mewsings: Just be thankful most kittens never learn how to tease!

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