Film (1965)

Film DVD

 Buster Keaton
Directed by: Alan Schneider

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: A surreal silent short written by Samuel Beckett follows a lonely man (Buster Keaton) as he attempts to keep from being seen by the outside world as well as the world inside his own room.

Featured Feline: When the Man reaches his own room he is alone except for a small tuxedo cat and a puppy sitting in a basket on the floor, as well as a parrot and fish.  All of the shots from the Man’s point of view are blurry, indicating the man has impaired vision.

Film - cat and puppy in basket

Several shots of the cat and puppy are seen throughout the film as the Man circles the room along the walls.

Film - cat and puppy in basket close

Eventually the Man systematically begins to remove anything from the room which is looking at him.  He picks up the cat and sets it outside the door.

Film - Buster carries cat to door

The Man then picks up the pup and takes it to the door, but as he sets the pup outside the cat scurries back in.

Film - cat sneaks back inside

The Man is surprised to see the cat back in the basket!

Film - cat back in basket

This is repeated with the pup, and then the cat again.

Film - tuxedo cat up close

Finally the Man is successful in putting both the cat and pup outside of the room.

Final Mewsings: If you think your cat is staring at you and judging you, it probably is.

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