Mačka (1971)

Zagreb Film
Directed by:
 Zlatko Bourek

Cat Out of the Bag Alert! This review contains spoilers for this short film!

Synopsis: A psychedelic animated short from Croatia based on the Aesop’s fable The Cat and Venus.  A man finds a cat on his doorstep and takes it in but things take a dark turn when the Goddess Venus grants a wish to turn the cat into a woman.

Cartoon Cat: This is a beautifully animated piece set to original music and lyrics, telling its tale in a psychedelic fashion reminiscent of Yellow Submarine and / or Peter Max.

Macka - Cat face

The cat shows up on the man’s doorstep and is taken inside and loved and pampered.

Macka - Cat in doorway

When the Goddess Venus changes the cat into a beautiful woman, the man starts to lavish all that he can afford on her, then resorts to stealing and killing to provide her with more.  The Goddess Venus tests the cat by releasing a mouse and the cat, unable to curb her nature, devours the mouse.  She is then returned to the form of a cat.

Macka - Cat and man

Final Mewsings: You can’t take the cat out of the cat.

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