Bowery at Midnight (1942)

Bowery at Midnight DVD

Monogram Pictures
 Bela Lugosi, John Archer, Wanda McKay
Directed by: Wallace Fox

Synopsis: Criminology Professor Brenner (Bela Lugosi) moonlights as a man named Karl Wagner who operates a soup kitchen as a front for a vicious crime ring, but his tendency to bump off his fellow criminals comes back to bite him . . . literally!

Kitty Cameo: When Wagner introduces a new hood to his ring, he orders the guy to kill his former partner.  Wagner then shows his new member the secret room where he has buried many of his previous associates.  Wagner’s dentist (Lew Kelly) is in charge of the burials, and when Wagner sees a small black cat on one of the graves he scolds the man with the unforgettable line, “Doc, how often have a told you to keep that cat from desecrating my graves?”  The only thing funnier than the line is the human voice being dubbed in saying “meow” for the cat!

Bowery at Midnight - black cat on grave

The cat is heard again later when soup kitchen worker Judy Malvern (Wanda McKay) becomes suspicious and asks Doc to show her what’s in the secret room.  She hears his cat in the room with the graves but the cat is not actually seen again.

Final Mewsings: Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.  But to a cat, sand is sand!

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