The Snowman (1982)

The Snowman DVD

Channel 4 Television Corporation
Directed by:
 Dianne Jackson

Synopsis: A beautiful animated short film based on the book by Raymond Briggs.  A little boy builds a snowman and is surprised in the evening when his creation comes to life and they share some special and magical adventures together.

Cartoon Cat: In the evening the boy’s parents are sitting in front of the fireplace while the boy sits at the window looking at his snowman.  A black cat is sleeping in front of the hearth.

The Snowman - cat sleeping in front of fire with family

Later when the snowman comes to life and the little boy invites him inside the first thing they see is the cat still sleeping in front of the fire.

The Snowman - cat sleeping in front of fire

The snowman reaches down to pet the cat, who at first seems to enjoy it.

The Snowman - cat being petted by snowman

But when the cat realizes it is the snowman petting him he freaks out.

The Snowman - cat startled by snowman

The cat lashes out at the snowman, who backs away while the boy giggles.

The Snowman - cat scratching at snowman

Final Mewsings: Snowmen should just leave sleeping cats lie.

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