Good Cheer (1926)

The Teams: Our Gang DVD

Hal Roach Studios
 Joe Cobb, Mickey Daniels, Johnny Downs
Directed by: Robert F. McGowan

Synopsis: The gang does what they can to stay warm during a snowstorm while being disillusioned in thinking Santa isn’t real.  The older kids set out to make a brighter Christmas for the younger ones and their efforts are aided by a gang of criminals dressed as Santas who end up bringing more gifts than they could have ever imagined.

Kitty Cameos: The first cat we see in this short is a tabby cat outside in the snow.  Its fur and whiskers are covered with snow and ice and it is panting as if in discomfort.  We then see a rat, similarly frozen.  The cat turns away from the camera and the caption comes up, “Never mind, rat — I’ll get you next summer.”

Our Gang - Good Cheer tabby cat in snow

The second cat is a black cat which reacts when Mickey (Mickey Daniels) and Johnny (Johnny Downs) have dressed as Santa by wearing a suit while Mickey sits on Johnny’s shoulders.  They are walking in the hallway of the kids’ apartment building when the cat reacts violently, arching its back and hissing at them, which causes them to fall over.

Our Gang - Good Cheer black cat arching back

Final Mewsings: Good children don’t leave cats out to freeze or scare them at Christmas.

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