Barnacle Bill (1941)

Barnacle Bill poster

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
 Wallace Beery, Leo Carillo, Marjorie Main
Directed by: Richard Thorpe

Synopsis: A ne’er do well fishing boat captain named Bill Johansen (Wallace Beery) lives minute-to-minute without worrying about his mounting debts and reputation.  When he is reunited with his young daughter Virginia (Virginia Weidler) he finds himself trying to straighten up, but old habits die hard.

Purr Blurs: After returning from a fishing trip with his partner Pico (Leo Carrillo), Bill instructs him to wash the boat and suggests he not avoid the water himself as Pico is smelling a bit fishy.  As Bill walks away down the dock a cat follows him, suggesting Pico is not the only one smelling fishy!

Barnacle Bill cat on dock

Later in the film Bill and Pico both return from a month-long fishing trip with a larger group and are greeted on the docks by Virginia and Bill’s friend Marge (Marjorie Main).  As they walk down the dock the same cat follows, joined by another cat.  Bill tries to shoo the cats away to no avail.

Barnacle Bill cats on dock

Final Mewsings: Cats know when something smells fishy!

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