Knights on the Highway (1938)

The Jam Handy Organization

Synopsis: A safety film produced for the Chevrolet Motor Division and General Motors Sales Corporation which takes a look at six rules for safe night-time driving.

Kitty Cameo: After an awkward introduction by the President of the American Road Builders’ Association, a narrator explains the importance of driving safely at night and how truck drivers know the rules to keep them safe.  As a way of illustrating the limitation of our sight at night, we are shown a white cat and a black cat sitting on a fence.

Knights on the Highway - white cat and black cat

A moment later the scene is darkened and it is pointed out how both the white cat and black cat look gray in the dark.

Knights on the Highway - white cat and black cat silhouette

Final Mewsings: Watch out for our furry friends while driving at night!

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