When Work is Done (circa 1943)

U.S. Office of War Information

Synopsis: An interesting piece of World War II homegrown nostalgia which endeavors to explain how one town, namely Sylacauga, Alabama, managed to handle the influx of wartime workers and keep the men and women content and happy with community outreach programs and good clean fun.

Kitty Cameo: Close to the end of the film the townspeople of Sylacauga gather together for a good old-fashioned barn dance.  The man calling the square dancing is wearing a silly hat and holding a cat.  Why exactly he’s holding a cat while calling out a square dance is anyone’s guess but the poor animal ends up being bounced around in the man’s arms.

When Work is Done - cat in square dance caller's arms

Final Mewsings: Cats would rather be left out of this kind of good, clean fun.

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