Suburban Commando (1991)

Suburban Commando DVD

New Line Cinema
 Hulk Hogan, Christopher Lloyd, Shelley Duvall
Directed by: Burt Kennedy

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Intergalatic warrior Shep Ramsey (Hulk Hogan) is ordered to take time off by his commander when his ship is in need of repowering.  Shep isn’t happy when he ends up on Earth, but he makes do by renting a room with the Wilcox family headed by a nervous pushover of a father named Charlie (Christopher Lloyd.)

Kitty Cameo: At one point Ramsey hears a little girl crying and hurries over to see what is wrong.  She cries, “My cat!  My cat!”  He sees a long-haired Burmese cat in a tree above them.

Suburban Commando cat in tree

Kitty Carnage Warning! Ramsey pulls the branch the cat is sitting on down towards the girl.  She exclaims, “That’s not my cat!” and storms off.  Ramsey releases the branch and predictably the (somewhat obviously stuffed) cat goes flying.

Suburban Commando cat pulled down on branch

At the end of the film Ramsey comes across the same girl crying over her cat being stuck in the tree.

Suburban Commando cat in tree again

Ramsey asks if she’s sure it’s her cat this time and she says it is.  He pulls the branch down and the girl scolds, “Bad kitty!”  The cat jumps off the branch as the girl grabs for him and Ramsey releases the branch, sending the girl flying this time!

Suburban Commando cat being pulled down on branch again

Final Mewsings: Cats are better off not being rescued by intergalactic warriors.

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