The Leader News, Volume 3, No. 2 (1937)

Chevrolet Motor Division / General Motors Sales Division

Synopsis: A collection of news stories compiled by Chevrolet includes the capture of a sea turtle, police horse transportation, a beach golfer, well diggers machine and boxing cats.

Reality Cat: Boxing cats were certainly not a new novelty when this film was made (see our blog entry about the original silent Boxing Cats) but one has to wonder what people found so entertaining about two cats harnassed inside a miniature ring batting at each other with gloved paws?

Chevrolet Leader News Volume 3 No. 2 Boxing cats

This particular staging is quite elaborate with an audience of dog spectators (not in the same shot as the cats, it should be noted).  It begins by looking like something out of a Dogville comedy short.  The two cats involved in the actual match don’t seem to be particularly hurt by being made to box, but they are certainly aggravated enough with one another to probably have caused some damage if their paws hadn’t been covered.

Chevrolet Leader News Volume 3 No. 2 Boxing cats fight

When the one cat hits the mat it’s clear he is pulled back by his harness, and it’s amusing to see his attempts to “get up” are simply him marking the rope he’s holding (“My ring!”)

Chevrolet Leader News Volume 3 No. 2 Boxing cats on mat

Final Mewsings: Sadly enough the cats were treated with more dignity than the poor sea turtle.

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