Millions Like Us (1943)

Millions Like Us cover

Gainsborough Pictures
 Patricia Roc, Gordon Jackson, Anne Crawford, Moore Marriott
Directed by: Sidney Gilliat, Frank Launder

Synopsis: The story of several people in England during World War II, in particular one family in which a widower named Jim (Moore Marriott) sees his oldest daughters join the war effort.  The one daughter, Celia (Patricia Roc) ends up working in an airplane parts factory and meets a young airman named Fred (Gordon Jackson) who wins her heart.

Cat Burglar (Scene Stealer): In the very beginning of the film the family goes on holiday to the seaside just before war is declared.  Celia carries a black and white cat down the stairs and takes him next door to be watched by the neighbor.

Millions Like Us - Pickles cat carried

We learn the cat’s name is Pickles.  When the daughters have all left and their father is on his own, Pickles is his only company and even meets him on the stairs he comes home.

Millions Like Us - Pickles cat on staircase

But that doesn’t keep Pickles from coming into the kitchen to sneak a bit of dad’s dinner!

Millions Like Us - Pickles cat enters kitchen

Millions Like Us - Pickles cat sneaks food from table

Final Mewsings: Every cat must do his part!

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