The Hypnotic Eye (1960)

The Hypnotic Eye DVD

Allied Artists Pictures
 Jacques Bergerac, Joe Patridge, Allison Hayes
Directed by: George Blair

Synopsis: Detective Dave Kennedy (Joe Patridge) is baffled by a series of women who disfigure themselves but don’t know why.  Eventually he suspects a hypnotist named Desmond (Jacques Bergerac) of having something to do with the self-mutilations.

Kitty Cameos: When Detective Kennedy’s girlfriend Marcia is hypnotized on stage by Desmond he gives her an order to come backstage at midnight.  With Kennedy watching she makes her way backstage.  As she nears the stage door a black cat jumps off some boxes and startles her.

Hypnotic Eye black cat in alley

Later Detective Kennedy is interviewing several victims to find out if any of them had been hypnotized by Desmond.  One woman who drank lye is listening to him as she pets her Siamese cat.  The cat jumps onto her coffee table and starts eating some food there, prompting her to tell it to get down using a voice enhancing machine.

Hypnotic Eye Siamese cat on table

Final Mewsings: Cats are smart enough to stay away from evil hypnotists.

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