Good Ol’ Freda (2013)

Good Ol' Freda DVD

Tripod Media
Directed by:
 Chris Noonan

Synopsis: Throughout the Beatles career, Freda Kelly worked as the band’s official fan club president as well as their secretary.  This loving documentary shines the spotlight on a hard-working, loyal employee and fan of the group and allows her to finally tell her story in a warm, respectful way.

Reality Star Cats: At the beginning of the film we see Freda at home feeding her cat.

Good Ol' Freda cat

Later footage is shown of Paul and Linda McCartney after they have been married.  They are each holding a kitten in their arms as they kiss.

Good Ol' Freda - Paul and Linda McCartney with kittens

Final Mewsings: All you need is cats.

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