Le chapeau de Max (1915)

Max Linder DVD

English Title: Max’s Hat
Pathé Frères
 Max Linder
Directed by: Max Linder

Synopsis: Max (Max Linder) takes great care dressing and crowns his attire with his top hat.  Once he leaves the house his hat meets with an unfortunate accident and he spends the day trying to replace it, only to have something happen to every one he purchases.

Kitty Cameo: After buying his second new hat, Max walks down the street.  A cat is sitting on a windowsill by a flower pot and when Max pauses beneath the cat knocks the flower pot off onto his head, smashing the hat.

Max's Hat cat and flower pot

The cat then jumps (or is rather thrown) from above and lands on Max before running off.  Thank goodness Max successfully breaks the cat’s fall!

Max's Hat cat lands on Max

Final Mewsings: Cats and flower pots: a dangerous combination.

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