Rupert and the Frog Song (1985)

Rupert and the Frog Song artwork

MPL Communications
 Paul McCartney, Windsor Davies, June Whitfield
Directed by: Geoff Dunbar

Synopsis: The beloved childen’s comic strip character Rupert Bear comes to life in this colorful and musical short film produced and scored by Paul McCartney.  Rupert goes exploring and follows some frogs as they make their way to a secret location for a very special event.

Bad Kitties: Following Rupert and the frogs are a trio of unsavory looking characters, an evil-looking barn owl and his two slinking black cat sidekicks.  While it’s never fully explained what these baddies actually want, the menacing way in which they’re animated makes it clear it is not good for the frog King and Queen.

Rupert and the Frog Song black cats

The black cats also provide a moment of comic relief when they get so caught up in the frog song they start to sing along, prompting a stern “Shhhh!” from the owl.

Rupert and the Frog Song black cats singing

Final Mewsings: Cats may be evil sidekicks but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate good music.

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