It’s a Cat’s Life (circa 1940’s)

Frith Films
 George Barclay
Producer and Photographer: Emily Benton Frith

Synopsis: The story of Fluffy and Tommy and their litter of newborn kittens, as well as Fluffy’s sister Muffy’s older litter with her mate Calico.  It’s like Peyton Place with cats (except nothing really happens).

Reality Star Cats This short educational film is a quaint little look into the lives of these two cat families and the human children who play with them.

It's a Cat's Life - Fluffy and Tommy

There are some questionable parts, however.  One scene shows a boy handling one of Fluffy’s “newborn” kittens even when the narrator states young kittens should not be handled.

It's a Cat's Life - tiny kitten

More disturbing is the fact that the filmmakers have the box of baby kittens outside in the hot sun.  The narrator even remarks on how the kittens don’t like the intense heat as they are seen scrambling to try to get out of the box.  Fluffy comes to take them all to the shade, but it would have been better to show some care in featuring the kittens in the first place.

It's a Cat's Life - kittens in box

Despite these setbacks, overall the film is an interesting vintage look into the life of cats.

It's a Cat's Life - Kittens playing

Final Mewsings: You don’t leave kittens in the hot sun because you don’t know how to film dark scenes.

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