Feed the Kitty (1952)

Looney Tunes Collection DVD

Warner Bros.
Directed by:
 Chuck Jones

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Marc Anthony is a tough bulldog whose heart is won over by a homeless little kitten.  He takes the kitten home and then scrambles to keep the precious bundle of fur hidden from his owner.

Cartoon Kitty: This was the first screen appearance of Pussyfoot, one of the smaller players in the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes library but a very popular one nonetheless.  In various texts she has been referred to as Cleo and even just Kitty but is mostly known as Pussyfoot today.  Some question the gender of Pussyfoot, since it is never made clear whether the kitten is a boy or a girl (although the owner refers to the kitten as “he” and “him” in this particular short.)  However it seems to be widely accepted that Pussyfoot is a girl, so we will refer to her as such.

Feed the Kitty - Pussyfoot and Marc Anthony

Pussyfoot is one of the most adorable kittens in cartoon history and that’s what animator Chuck Jones intended, giving her big blue eyes, a large head and tiny puffy tail.

Feed the Kitty - Pussyfoot and Marc Anthony

The relationship between Marc Anthony and Pussyfoot is what makes this short animated film so popular even today.  They would go on to star in at least two other Warner Bros. shorts together (which we will cover at a future date.)

Feed the Kitty - Pussyfoot and Marc Anthony

Final Mewsings: No one can resist the appeal of an adorable kitten!

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