Fanatic (1965)

Die! Die! My Darling DVD

Also known as: Die! Die! My Darling!
Columbia Pictures / Hammer Film Productions
 Tallulah Bankhead, Stefanie Powers, Peter Vaughan
Directed by: Silvio Narizzano

Synopsis: Patricia Carroll (Stefanie Powers) has plans to marry her fiancé in London, but she feels compelled to pay a visit to the mother of her former fiancé who died in a tragic accident.  Mrs. Trefoile (Tallulah Bankhead) welcomes Patricia warmly but her fanatical religious devotion makes things awkward from the start.  Things soon spiral out of control with Mrs. Trefoile holding Patricia captive in order to cleanse her soul.

Credits Cat: In the opening credits we see a long-haired white cat with black markings going after a mouse.

Die! Die! My Darling cat eye credits

The cat is meant to represent Mrs. Trefoile while the mouse is to be Patricia and foreshadows the cat and mouse game about to be screened.

Die! Die! My Darling cat credits

Sadly there are no cats anywhere else in the film.

Die! Die! My Darling cat close credits

Final Mewsings: We’re fanatical about cats in opening credits!

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