Village of the Giants (1965)

Village of the Giants DVD

Embassy Pictures
 Tommy Kirk, Johnny Crawford, Ron Howard, Joe Turkel, Beau Bridges
Also Starring: Orangey
Directed by: Bert I. Gordon

Synopsis: A gang of teenage delinquents who love to dance and cause trouble grow to enormous proportions thanks to the formula created by a brainy kid they call Genius (Ron Howard) and proceed to hold a small town hostage.

Kitty Cameo: An orange tabby cat (played by veteran cat actor Orangey) sneaks into the window of Genius’ lab and takes a taste of the new formula the kid Genius has created.

Village of the Giants cat drinking stuff

Moments later Genius’ sister Nancy (Charla Doherty) and her boyfriend (Tommy Kirk) look on as the cat almost immediately grows to gigantic proportions and threatens them all.

Village of the Giants giant cat

After being annoyed by Genius’ barking dog, the cat leaves the lab and is not seen again in the film.

Village of the Giants giant cat close

Final Mewsings: “Lost: Orange Tabby Cat – 20 Feet Tall.  Reward if found.”

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