A Little Hero (1913)

Keystone Film Company
 Mabel Normand
Also Starring: Pepper
Directed by: Mack Sennett

Synopsis: Mabel (Mabel Normand) leaves her pet canary and cat at home and her dog on the front step to watch.  The dog hears the cat trying to get at the canary and races off to enlist the aid of some canine friends to save the bird.

Cinema Cat: Sadly this starring role for the first cat star of cinema, Pepper, also happens to be a piece of dog propaganda as the dog “hero” (who isn’t even brave enough to take on a small cat by himself) needs to enlist the aid of three larger collies to put an end to the feline’s intent.

A Little Hero Pepper cat with Mabel Normand

Pepper has real star power, which is probably why Mack Sennett was quick to engage her as an animal actor when the feline reportedly made her way onto a film set and impressed everyone with her impromptu performance.

A Little Hero Pepper cat star

This was Pepper’s first credited role but she made many other films for the Sennett Studios alongside canine co-star Teddy (who does not, as some people report, appear in this particular short.)

A Little Hero Pepper cat star after bird

You can view this film by clicking here.

Final Mewsings: Dogs ganging up on cats are not being heroic!

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