I Married a Witch (1942)

I Married a Witch DVD

Paramount Pictures
 Fredric March, Veronica Lake, Robert Benchley
Directed by: René Clair

Synopsis: Two witches, a father and daughter burned in the 17th century by a member of the Wooley family, return in the 20th century and seek out the man’s descendent, a politician named Wallace Wooley.  The daughter, Jennifer, takes on the form of a beautiful woman (Veronica Lake) and sets out to make Wallace fall in love with her.  Things backfire and Jennifer falls for Wallace instead while her father (Cecil Kellaway) sets out for revenge anew.

Kitty Cameo: After saving Jennifer from a fire, Wallace returns to his home with his fiancé.  Stepping out of the cab he stands in front of his house where we see a black cat with white markings meowing at his front door.

I Married a Witch cat Susie at door

Wallace goes to the door and scolds the cat, whose name is Susie, that she knows she can’t come in.

I Married a Witch cat letting Susie in door

Once the door is open Susie hurries inside and runs to another room, jumping into a chair.  Wallace follows and finds Jennifer sitting in the chair, petting the cat.

I Married a Witch cat Susie with Veronica Lake

Final Mewsings: Like men, cats are attracted to Veronica Lake.

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