The Brady Bunch – “Law and Disorder”

The Brady Bunch Season Four DVD

Original Air Date: January 12, 1973
Starring: Robert Reed, Florence Henderson, Mike Lookinland
Directed by: Hal Cooper

Synopsis: Bobby (Mike Lookinland) takes his new role as his school’s safety monitor a little too seriously, alienating him from not only his friends but his family when he begins to assert his authority at home.

Kitty Cameo On his way home from taking school photos in his best suit, Bobby is approached by a girl named Jill (Shawn Schepps) who frantically begs Bobby to help rescue her cat, Pandora, from a boarded-up, abandoned house.  Against his better judgement after telling everyone else to obey rules above all else, Bobby breaks into the house and searches for the wayward cat.  He hears her meowing from the chimney and looks inside.

The Brady Bunch - Law and Order cat Pandora is safe

Pandora leaps down in a cloud of soot and runs to the window where Jill is reunited with her precious pet.  Not only Bobby is covered with soot but Pandora is as well.

The Brady Bunch - Law and Order cat Pandora in fireplace

Fortunately Pandora would escape the famous washing machine fiasco which occurs shortly thereafter.

The Brady Bunch - Law and Order cat Pandora goes to window

Final Mewsings: Cats can wash themselves and they won’t flood your laundry room with suds.

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