Family Troubles (1943)

The Our Gang Collection DVD

 Janet Burston, Robert Blake, Barbara Bedford
Directed by: Herbert Glazer

Synopsis: Janet (Janet Burston) becomes “disgusted with life” after her mother (Barbara Bedford) shows off her sister Aurelia (Beverly Hudson) and little brother to her visiting Aunt Aurelia (Elspeth Dudgeon) and repeatedly scolds her.  Janet runs away from home and meets up with the gang, who offer to help her find new parents.  But a miscommunication leads everyone to believe Janet has been kidnapped by a ruthless gang.

Cinema Kitten: Throughout this later Our Gang entry (from the last years when the series was sadly deteriorating) Janet is carrying her pet kitten, Fuzzy.  Fuzzy is basically dragged through this short, looking at times exhausted, bored or confused.

Our Gang Family Troubles kitten Fuzzy

There is literally no scene in which Janet appears in which the kitten isn’t either in her arms, her lap or sitting right next to her.  At least at the very end when the kids bring Janet back home and are rewarded with cake we can just barely see Fuzzy helping himself to some of the ice cream from Janet’s plate at the very bottom of the screen.

Our Gang Family Troubles Janet's kitten Fuzzy

Final Mewsings: Cat acting is a tough job but at least there’s sometimes ice cream.

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