Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery DVD

New Line Cinema
 Mike Meyers, Elizabeth Hurley, Michael York
Directed by: Jay Roach

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Austin Danger Powers (Mike Meyers) is a hip, seductive international super spy in swingin’ 60’s London.  His nemesis, Dr. Evil (also Mike Meyers) cryogenically freezes himself after failing to assassinate Powers, so London Intelligence freezes Powers as well.  Thirty years later both are defrosted, finding themselves out of place in the 1990’s but carrying on with their personal missions of saving the world and taking over the world respectively.

Cinema Cat: This James Bond parody makes many specific references to 007 films, not the least of which is Dr. Evil being modeled on Bond supervillain Ernst Stavro Blofeld.  As such, Dr. Evil has his own white Angora cat named Mr. Bigglesworth, who is seen on his lap in the opening scenes.

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery - Mr. Bigglesworth with fur

Unfortunately during the unfreezing process, Mr. Bigglesworth loses all of his fur and is hence played by a Sphynx cat actor named SGC Belfry Ted Nude-Gent, who was bred by Michelle Berge of Belfry Cattery.  Mr. Bigglesworth is seen several times during the movie and is featured in all of the Austin Powers films (although not as extensively as in this first outing.)  Ted Nude-Gent is absolutely a feline film star worthy of praise!  But still one day we would love to see hairless cats receive some respect on film and not just be used as jokes about cats losing their fur, albeit in this case it’s funny enough to be forgiven.

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery - Mr. Bigglesworth without fur

Final Mewsings: At least Dr. Evil took pains to take Mr. Bigglesworth with him when he escaped, unlike Blofeld who usually left his cat behind.

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